SPS Sealer (External Wall WP)

SPS Sealer solvent-base, coating system is designed to provide a clear, colourless, transparent, protective coating to concrete, masonry walls, substrates of stone and other natural materials. The clear coating systems can be used in both exterior and interior environments SPS Sealer protective clear coat protects surfaces by rendering them alkali resistant and produces a water repellent effect to block out moisture ingress whilst maintaining vapour transmission and substrate breathability.

SPS Sealer also protects the treated substrates from UV damages and reduces efflorescence and mildew formation. SPS Sealer is a transparent, silane-siloxane based protective coating system used to impregnate facades to achieve water repellency. It can be used on alkaline and neutral surfaces. It is non-tacky and helps to prevent dirt build-up on the treated surfaces. When applied to either exterior or interior surfaces, SPS Sealer prevents moisture induced damage, prevents salt blooming, and protects against heavy rain. It has a high beading effect and exhibits good penetration into non-concrete substrates.


SPS Sealer is suitable for use on concrete, light weight concrete, mortar, red bricks, natural stones, terra cotta. SPS Sealer can also be used as a primer to most substrates. Decorative, pigmented paints and coatings can be coated over such primed surfaces.