Sealflex (External Wal WP)

SEALFLEX is a high- build, heavy-duty, flexible and elastomeric waterproofing coating for exterior walls. It is especially designed for EXTERIOR use under a variety of conditions.


Areas of Usage

All external vertical substrates such as concrete, lightweight concrete blocks, bricks and masonry.


SEALFLEX seals porous substrates such as hollow blocks, bricks, plastered walls as well as concrete

SEALFLEX is highly flexible coating system, can be used in areas where movement within the substrate is anticipated. It can bridge small cracks

Vapour Permeability
SEALFLEX is vapour- permeable, which allows it to breathe thus permitting trapped moisture vapour to escape into the atmosphere

SEALFLEX is made up of high quality products made from the best materials available, It is recoatable thus increasing its life span

SEALFLEX has good impact, fungi and algae resistance

Anti-carbonation Protection
SEALFLEX provides protection against concrete carbonation

Weather Proof
The topcoat provides SEALFLEX with resistance to sunlight and weathering. It has been successfully used for many years in tropical as well as temperature climate conditions

SEALFLEX is available in a wide range of decorative and aesthetic colours