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Formdex Uniflex – Uni – Uniflex Type R (Wet Areas)

Formdex Uniflex and Formdex Uniflex Type-R (Root- Resistant) are heavy duty waterproofing membrane that have excellent flexibility and strength. Hence, they are use in situations where movement or cracking of the substrate is occurring or anticipated. Should be used as a concealed system.

Formdex Uni is a waterproofing membrane that seals water, rain, ground water and masonry concrete, plaster, and similar substrates. In addition, its high build nature enables it to absorb shock transmitted through the topping material and allow some flexing between it and the substrate. Should be used as a concealed system.


Areas of Usage:

  • Internal/ External Wet Areas
  • Swimming pools and Water Features
  • Decks and Patios
  • Driveways and Lift Pits
  • Retaining walls and Underground Shafts
  • Foundation Walls and Footings
  • Domestic Sewage and Septic Tank, Water Treatment Tank, etc.
  • Planters, Landscaping, Roof Gardens, etc. without trees (Formdex Uniflex Type-R)